Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today, we revisit the 15th letter of the alphabet, which is the letter “O.” Our prompt for this week is the word “opportunity.” An optimistic word, it offers unlimited potential to those who take full advantage of it. Unfortunately, too often we squander its power by looking at it with blinded eyes. I’ve posted two poems for today’s prompt, looking at it from two different angles. However you choose to approach it, take this opportunity to infuse your muse!


Within our own community,
we seek to end disunity.
But asking for immunity,
we lose the opportunity.


The sunrise sneaks into our rooms,
its purpose to awaken
the dormant poets’ energy
we briefly had forsaken.
We gain the opportunity
to set the world on fire
from high atop the lofty peaks
upon which we aspire.

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