Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day #9 - ISLAND

I had little trouble with the prompt for Day #9:  island.  At some point, every day, I find my thoughts driving to a tropical location with white sand, warm sun, and gentle breezes.  Instead, I'm sitting in my office, staring out a window at summer thunderstorm skies, waiting for the downpour.  Thank goodness for dreams!


The sun sitting over the ocean.
The sound of an island steel drum.
The seagulls above gently soaring.
My glass filled with rich, island rum.

The ocean is doing its bidding.
It’s calling my name loud and clear.
But swimming takes way too much effort.
I’m more inclined just to sit here.

From here, I can watch all around me.
From here, are the sounds of the sea.
From here, is the fresh smell of ocean.
And all come together for me.

Renewing the best that is in me,
the pace of this place never stops.
The days of unwinding are endless.
The dress code requires flip-flops.

Bring me one more bottle of lotion.
Bring me one more drink with a lime.
With sand in my toes, I’ll keep dreaming
of more days in sweet island time.