Thursday, October 7, 2010


A drum roll, please! Today, we complete our first, official journey through the alphabet. (We’re not counting our Poem-A-Day Challenge from back in July, which crammed the alphabet prompts into 26 days.) This journey began on February 1, 2010, and our prompt for the letter “A” was “afraid.” Now, here were are in October with the letter “Z” and the word we’ve chosen is “zone.” It’s been a fascinating nine month trip down alphabetical lane, and I greet our next excursion with both optimism and apprehension. Can we do it again? Time will tell. But today, I’m feeling in the zone. To quote from Wikipedia, being in the zone is “a feeling of spontaneous joy, even rapture, while performing a task” and includes being “on the ball, in the moment, present, in the groove, or keeping your head in the game.” Today, my muse is in the zone. How about yours? How will your muse define the word “zone?”

Next week, we return to the beginning, where we re-start our alphabet adventure with the letter “A”.


My muse is in the zone today.
I feared that it had gone astray.
Inspired now to not delay
in case, again, it goes away.

My muse is in the zone today.
What prompted this, I cannot say.
Perhaps the sun broke through gray
and cleared the mind of disarray.

My muse is in the zone today.
It calls out words with which to play.
It may, of course, again decay,
but for right now, it’s here to stay.