Thursday, January 20, 2011


We’ve arrived at the letter “k” for our 36th prompt. Nothing brings out my sappy, sentimental side more than Valentine’s Day.  And although it’s weeks away, I’m taking advantage of our place on this alphabetical journey to post the prompt: kiss.  From preparing a podcast around this Hallmark holiday, I find my heart, mind and soul overflowing with the simple joys of love.  For me, nothing says loving like a gentle, heartfelt kiss.  This week, don’t be afraid of your mushy musings.  Let this basic expression of love flow from your heart through your fingers.


My daily cares are smothered
in a moment of pure bliss,
unveiled in subtle harmony
within your gentle kiss.

A grateful heart anticipates
the magic found in this.
My darkened soul becomes alive
within your gentle kiss.

I hold your heart within my breast,
afraid what I would miss
if I ignored the love you share
within your gentle kiss.