Thursday, August 19, 2010

Prompt #20 - THING

We’ve reached the letter “t” on our trip down Alphabet Road. The prompt I’ve chosen for this week is: thing. This is a great word. It can take you anywhere. We all have a thing we like or we care about. My attempt this week is dedicated to all the poets out there who regularly exercise their muse. So write about anything or everything or just any old thing that pops in your head. The important thing is to just write something!


What is this thing called poetry?
What in the world does it mean?
And how do these people called poets
create such incredible scenes?

The poets from past generations,
with inkwell and well-sharpened quill,
from deep within found inspiration
and brought forth their verses to thrill.

But poems did not die with Shakespeare,
or Browning, or Barrett or Yates.
There are many a new bard among us,
unabashed by the need to create.

Though quills have turned into computers,
the depths of those talents remain,
whether sharing a treasured encounter
or an undisguised moment of pain.

So what is this thing called poetry?
What value is there to impart?
It’s a piece of our personal history
as defined by the words from the heart.