Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day #1 - ALONG

Hello, everybody! Today, we start our 26-day journey through the alphabet with our Poem-A-Day Challenge. We welcome all who choose to participate, as well as those who just drop by to read our words. We hope you have fun on this trip. Let the creative sparks fly as you infuse your muse!!

As a reminder, the prompt does not have to be part of your title, but it must be included in your poem. Also, if some prompts work better for you pluralized or in another tense, you can certainly alter them as the need arises. We’re pretty flexible here at A Muse Fuse! The idea is to write a poem per day, or at least as many as you can.

So, let’s get started on our poetic, alphabetical odyssey. The first prompt is “along.” Here’s my offering for Day #1:


We travel along down this road
that winds throughout unchartered land.
Our thoughts and emotions explode
when pencils and pens are in hand.
United in poetic voice,
we eagerly set the muse free.
The style and the meter our choice,
these poems define you and me.