Friday, January 28, 2011


For those of you who think I’m riddled with excuses … you’re right. I was supposed to post this week’s A Muse Fuse prompt yesterday and then, with some serious snow cleanup, moved it to today. But today was the launch of a new website, Twitter page and YouTube for our new podcast platform. I’ve been working on creating the website and getting the right recording and editing programs, not to mention writing a few scripts and recording a few podcasts of my own. As is usually the case, all of this took more time than I expected it to, and, for most of the day I’ve been trying to work out all the bugs that seem to crawl all over new internet ventures. As today is rapidly slipping away, I’ve decided to call this week a bust and resume our journey through the alphabet next Thursday. I apologize for the repeated delays and hope you’ll come back to join us on February 3, 2011. In the meantime, if you have a moment, check our new website at

Thursday, January 27, 2011


No, not the kind of snow day we had as school kids. But we do need to shovel a path to the cars, clean off the cars, and clean off the sidewalk. We have about 10” of wet, heavy snow. And, once we can get to them, we have some big branches that need to go somewhere. Which is all my way of saying that today’s A Muse Fuse post will be delayed until tomorrow. To those of you in the Northeast who have been dealing with much more than this, on a regular basis, since winter began in December, I applaud you. Stay safe, warm and dry and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


We’ve arrived at the letter “k” for our 36th prompt. Nothing brings out my sappy, sentimental side more than Valentine’s Day.  And although it’s weeks away, I’m taking advantage of our place on this alphabetical journey to post the prompt: kiss.  From preparing a podcast around this Hallmark holiday, I find my heart, mind and soul overflowing with the simple joys of love.  For me, nothing says loving like a gentle, heartfelt kiss.  This week, don’t be afraid of your mushy musings.  Let this basic expression of love flow from your heart through your fingers.


My daily cares are smothered
in a moment of pure bliss,
unveiled in subtle harmony
within your gentle kiss.

A grateful heart anticipates
the magic found in this.
My darkened soul becomes alive
within your gentle kiss.

I hold your heart within my breast,
afraid what I would miss
if I ignored the love you share
within your gentle kiss.

Friday, January 14, 2011


We’re finally back up and running (both the computer and me). I’ve been obsessed with working on a website and podcast venture, and the extent of that obsession became evident a couple of days ago when I realized I was writing a poem for a word prompt based on the wrong letter. The computer and I shut down at about the same time, and I took the ensuing mini-break to evaluate my priorities. None of this has anything to do with today’s prompt, though. Or maybe it does. Synonyms for this week’s word prompt – jaded – include: tired, weary and spent. Adjusting our time accordingly, to give the best of ourselves to each responsibility, without overtaxing ourselves, might lessen our jaded approach to life.


Attempts to quell the anger
and all it may comprise
are lost within my cynical self
when seen through jaded eyes.

In spite of good intentions,
it appears to be unwise
to trust the scene in front of me
when seen through jaded eyes.

The good, the bad comingle,
but no sudden compromise
diminishes the world I’ve seen
through saddened, jaded eyes.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Technical issues still unresolved. Looking to post this week's prompt tomorrow morning. At worst, prompt will be online by Noon. Thanks so much for your continued patience.


We will post today's A Muse Fuse poetry prompt later this afternoon. We expect issues to be resolved no later than 3:00 PM EST. Thanks for your patience!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Perhaps there is no better time than at the beginning of a new year to evaluate what things are most important to us – what needs to be retained and what needs to be discarded. Many people use this time to make resolutions to improve their lives, be it through improving their diet, relinquishing a bad habit, or adding a regular exercise routine. Whether you seek a healthier lifestyle, a new career, or possibly your one, true love, the first step is understanding what is really important to you. Once you decide what that is, you can take your life anywhere. Happy New Year to all of you and best wishes for a year of self-discovery through the power of your muse!


So much of my life has been wasted
chasing dreams that I couldn’t fulfill,
in pursuit of the almighty dollar
or in finding diversions that thrill.

When the scorecard of life has been written,
and I look back on what I’ve achieved,
I am less a success if ignoring
all the blessings that I have received.

And those blessings aren’t wrapped up in money
or possessions that last but a while.
They are found in the face of my family,
in the laughter and love in a smile.

May I always take time to remember,
when my life takes a turn that seems cruel,
disappointment does not drive me forward.
It’s my loved ones providing my fuel.