Thursday, September 30, 2010


Our word for the 25th letter of the alphabet is “yesterday.”  You can look at this word in many different ways: with fond memories, with regrets, with laughter, or with tears. I give you two poems for today’s prompt.  Only Yesterday speaks of days gone by and how they created who I am.  Under "Comments," in my haiku, To Change Yesterday, I reflect on a longing to change things that can’t be undone.  How do you think of yesterday? Let the days of your past supply your poetic inspiration for today.


It seems like only yesterday,
I started off to school
to learn to read, to learn to write,
to learn the golden rule.
A uniform and saddle shoes
defined me, in a way,
and formed the mind of one so young,
that child of yesterday.

It seems like only yesterday,
my mom and dad were strong,
the ones I always turned to
when my world was going wrong.
The words they gave in wisdom
defined me in a way,
and brought me through the troubled times
that haunted yesterday.

It seems like only yesterday,
I lived with silent tears.
My empty heart had secret needs
encased by mounting fears.
But unexpected love to come
defined me, in a way,
and made this woman wise enough
to move past yesterday.