Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day #2 - BRAG

Day #2 of the A Muse Fuse Poem-A-Day Challenge brings with it the prompt "brag." Sometimes, we have much to brag about; sometimes, not so much. I found myself rather introspective on this one. See how your own, inner muse responds to this prompt. Here's my attempt:


Do I have anything to brag about?
I could talk for hours about myself:
what I’ve done, where I’ve been,
where I’m going.
In the overall scheme of things, though,
my accomplishments are few.
For example, as an author and poet,
I’ve written things I’m proud of
and things that were best left unread,
not to mention, left unwritten.
My achievements are better defined
if I’ve been there for a friend;
if I’ve heeded the call of a worthy cause;
if I can lend a hand to a stranger.
And if I can do all those things,
without the need for self-promotion
without expecting something in return,
that would be something to brag about.