Thursday, November 18, 2010


The weeks fly by at an alarming rate, the end of the year rapidly approaches, and we find ourselves at Prompt #31 and the letter “f.” I’ve chosen the word “forest” for today’s prompt. I speak often about my deep love for the mountains and their restorative effect upon me. It seems appropriate, at this time of year, to write a poem about something that makes me thankful for the gift of nature. This week, explore the place where the forest takes you and be inspired by it.


To lighten the load of despair and unrest,
I was eager to build a rapport
with something of substance, and so I embarked
on a trip to the pine forest floor.

The scurrying chipmunk, a butterfly’s grace,
the birdsong an elegant score.
The beauty of nature enraptured my soul
as I passed through this pine forest floor.

The smell of the pine tree rekindled a spark
for the need to connect and restore
a faith I considered had withered in death,
buried under the pine forest floor.

Though not a fanatic in terms of beliefs,
my life was quite empty before
the glorious visions I found in these woods
came alive on this pine forest floor.