Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last week, our prompt was “brown.” Today, our prompt is “crayon.” Even though it appears that way, I’m not building on a theme here. (Although, if it wasn’t for the letter “q” – a colorless letter -- it might be fun to have a Color Poem-A-Day Challenge. But the February Challenge is months away. This “q” thing might need some serious research!) Crayons are most often associated with children. In its simplicity, a crayon can be inspiring. Inspire yourself with this primary tool of creation. And if you can find the name of a color that begins with the letter “q,” let me know!!


A crayon held with childlike might
is less a tool with which to write
than one that fashions art in wax.
And spared by critics’ cruel attacks,
a child continues, in his glee,
to build upon his artistry.