Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We’ve arrived at Prompt #39 on our walk through the alphabet. Today’s word is “night,” a simple word that conjures up a variety of images. Some look at the night as a time of peace and renewal. Some reflect on the beauty of a night sky. For my poem, I’ve chosen to look at the fear that manifests itself in those chilling nighttime hours. Reflect on what the night means to you and let your poetic light shine through the darkness.


Deep within the darkness,
another world abounds
of noises black and eerie,
unearthly, nighttime sounds.

My heart beats ever faster.
My blood runs cold and thin.
The dark of night creeps in the room
and crawls beneath my skin.

The leaden feet of cats who roam
pound hard upon the floor,
invoking Edgar Allen Poe’s
distinctive “Nevermore.”

As sirens blare on distant streets,
the voice of darkness claims
another victim lost to fear
within its deadly flame.

I pray for morning’s gentle light
to quell the evening’s grief.
But soon the night sounds come again
and banish my relief.

1 comment:

sam villareal said...

so amazingly..... i love it in every line. the true emotional feeling could touch my heart while im reading your poems i could not ask for more this is it!!! perfect to me.:-)