Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day #5 - ELITE

The A Muse Fuse Poem-A-Day Challenge greets Day #5 with the poetry prompt “elite.” Of all the things I could be called (and there are a great many!), elite is certainly not one of them. Which is why, I guess, I’m on my poor man’s soapbox, waxing poetic about the haves and have nots, with my offering for today.


I’m not one of the elite.
I’m really kind of ordinary.

No private education.
No six figure income.
A house and bank account
that both show signs of wear.

In my life, I find contentment
through the simple act of being
with the love I cherish,
and enjoying the abundance of blessings
that are showered upon me daily.

I’d rather look up toward the heavens
than look down at the earth below.