Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day #15 - OCEAN

The prompt for Day #15 calls me back to the place I just left. Four glorious days immersed in total relaxation where water meets land. I am hopelessly addicted to white, sandy beaches, the smell of salty air and the majestic roar of the ocean. Only one question bores through my soul: when can I go again? Enjoy the prompt. Enjoy the summer. And enjoy the moment.


I sit content at the shoreline.
The waves roll in.
The waves roll out.
Mesmerized by the scene,
nothing more important seems possible
than that gentle rocking back and forth.
As the wind picks up,
white caps appear
and the ocean begins to pummel the beach
with fierce determination.
Slow and steady, the waves come
closer and closer
to my sanctuary in the sand.
Retreat is not an option.
I surrender to the encroaching water
that envelops my toes in its salty wetness.
And still, I sit and ponder
those things that beach bums do:
much of nothing
and nothing much.