Thursday, January 6, 2011


Perhaps there is no better time than at the beginning of a new year to evaluate what things are most important to us – what needs to be retained and what needs to be discarded. Many people use this time to make resolutions to improve their lives, be it through improving their diet, relinquishing a bad habit, or adding a regular exercise routine. Whether you seek a healthier lifestyle, a new career, or possibly your one, true love, the first step is understanding what is really important to you. Once you decide what that is, you can take your life anywhere. Happy New Year to all of you and best wishes for a year of self-discovery through the power of your muse!


So much of my life has been wasted
chasing dreams that I couldn’t fulfill,
in pursuit of the almighty dollar
or in finding diversions that thrill.

When the scorecard of life has been written,
and I look back on what I’ve achieved,
I am less a success if ignoring
all the blessings that I have received.

And those blessings aren’t wrapped up in money
or possessions that last but a while.
They are found in the face of my family,
in the laughter and love in a smile.

May I always take time to remember,
when my life takes a turn that seems cruel,
disappointment does not drive me forward.
It’s my loved ones providing my fuel.