Thursday, October 14, 2010


This week, we return to the beginning of the alphabet. There are, of course, many words I could have chosen for today’s prompt. But having spent yesterday watching the rescue of the Chilean miners, I can think of no better word to express what I feel for these men and their families than our prompt for this week, which is “awe.” The word is defined as an overwhelming feeling of reverence and admiration. It captures more, than any other word, the emotions my heart holds for these remarkable people.


People I’ve never met
have me standing in their corner,
saying prayers I hardly ever say.
Waiting and watching
thirty-three times.
Laughter, tears, happiness, relief.
Not just from these underground heroes
and the people who love them,
but from me, as well.
I admire their courage.
I am spellbound by their power to survive.
And I’m in awe of their unflinching faith.
Welcome back to the light.