Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Welcome to the 16th letter in our alphabetical journey. Today’s letter is “P” and our word this week is “promises.” A promise is sometimes defined as a cause for hope, as in the promise of spring. More often, it is defined as an agreement to do or not to do something. Perhaps the latest celebrity marriage scandal has colored my approach to what promises mean, as reflected in my poem Unkept Promises. Let your muse choose how to define this word. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.


The hope became hollow,
Despair became strong.
A contract between them
went horribly wrong.

In pure disappointment
their life was dissolved
when words like “forever”
refused to evolve.

These sad, shattered people,
who openly wept,
were crippled by heartache
for vows never kept.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today, we revisit the 15th letter of the alphabet, which is the letter “O.” Our prompt for this week is the word “opportunity.” An optimistic word, it offers unlimited potential to those who take full advantage of it. Unfortunately, too often we squander its power by looking at it with blinded eyes. I’ve posted two poems for today’s prompt, looking at it from two different angles. However you choose to approach it, take this opportunity to infuse your muse!


Within our own community,
we seek to end disunity.
But asking for immunity,
we lose the opportunity.


The sunrise sneaks into our rooms,
its purpose to awaken
the dormant poets’ energy
we briefly had forsaken.
We gain the opportunity
to set the world on fire
from high atop the lofty peaks
upon which we aspire.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We’ve arrived at Prompt #39 on our walk through the alphabet. Today’s word is “night,” a simple word that conjures up a variety of images. Some look at the night as a time of peace and renewal. Some reflect on the beauty of a night sky. For my poem, I’ve chosen to look at the fear that manifests itself in those chilling nighttime hours. Reflect on what the night means to you and let your poetic light shine through the darkness.


Deep within the darkness,
another world abounds
of noises black and eerie,
unearthly, nighttime sounds.

My heart beats ever faster.
My blood runs cold and thin.
The dark of night creeps in the room
and crawls beneath my skin.

The leaden feet of cats who roam
pound hard upon the floor,
invoking Edgar Allen Poe’s
distinctive “Nevermore.”

As sirens blare on distant streets,
the voice of darkness claims
another victim lost to fear
within its deadly flame.

I pray for morning’s gentle light
to quell the evening’s grief.
But soon the night sounds come again
and banish my relief.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This week’s prompt on our alphabetical journey brings us to the letter “M” and our word for today is “miracle.” We each see miracles every day. Whether in a beautiful sunrise or sunset, at the birth of a baby, or through the wonder of love, miracles are real and part of our lives. Find the miracle in your life and rejoice in it through your gift of words.


The beauty of nature
can change on a dime,
as we write of its wonder
in poetic rhyme.

We bow to its fury.
We smile at its charm.
It can quickly enthrall us,
then swiftly alarm.

These miracle moments,
beyond our control,
contain the components
that nurture the soul.