Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Prompt #43 takes another look at the 18th letter of the alphabet, the letter “R,” and our word today is: remember. The prompt is, no doubt, the by-product of my having a birthday yesterday. Birthdays often take us back to days gone by, and an occasional trip to the past is not a bad thing. But lingering there indefinitely becomes unhealthy when yesterday obscures tomorrow. Remember what moves you and what stirs the poet within. And, as always, remember to infuse your muse!


How swiftly runs sand through the hourglass.
How quickly the time slips away.
Recalling those days of the my childhood
should leave me with volumes to say.

And yet, though I’ve much to remember,
I look to the future instead.
My vessel sails straight to tomorrow
engaged by the travels ahead.

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